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 Giving Thanks For Our Dads: Behind The Scenes With Reagan Prop Pops
  Reagan Prop Pops and Daughters (Reagan vs Johnson 2019)
BFy Laura Allen
riday night football would not be the same without the more than 180 cheerleaders, Diamond
Dancers, Silver Stars, Charmers, and mascots that make up Reagan High School Spirit. From the hats and boots to the poms and skirts, Spirit members unite with the band to cheer on the Rattlers and bring the stadium to life. All of this requires an extensive behind-the-scenes operation run by three directors, managers, and a host of adult volunteers. Of these, none is more important than the Prop Pops.
Prop Pops are Reagan Spirit dads who assist the group throughout the year at football games, dance and cheer clinics, state and local competitions, and various
  November 2019 9
fundraisers. Currently, there are 77 Prop Pops, with 20-25 working each game. “Our primary purpose is to keep the girls safe at the different events, while moving and assembling props,” said Charlie Mills. This is Mills’ fourth year as a Prop Pop and first as Head. His daughter, Emma, is senior captain of Silver Stars.
“I knew nothing about Prop Pops until the first meeting for incoming freshmen,” Mills explained. “My daughter asked if I wanted to join, and I did because I could see she really wanted me to, and I thought it would be a great way to be involved in this part of her life. I never expected it was I that
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