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BWy Katelyn Harvey
hat does Thanksgiving mean to you? Is it a day spent at home, cooking and baking, watching
football, waiting for that first bite of turkey? Do you travel to the home of a relative to see your grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, catching up, telling old stories and laughing until you cry? Do you have a tradition unique to only your family, passed down generation to generation? However you celebrate, make sure you do just that
Joyful Thanks
– celebrate. Because no matter how you spend Thanksgiving, it’s a time to celebrate our blessings.
Of course, we should stop and give thanks every day for the goodness in our lives, but that isn’t always possible with demanding schedules, crazy kids, and the other twists and turns life throws our way.
On Thanksgiving, make a conscious effort to shift your mindset, block out the distractions, and intentionally and
wholeheartedly reflect upon your blessings and thank God for each one. Soak in those moments baking dessert with your little ones – pay no mind to the mess. Listen to your grandfather’s stories, even if you’ve heard them countless times before.
Cuddle up with your significant other on the sofa after dinner and tell them how much you love them and are thankful that they are in your life. These are just a few examples of things you can do to truly adopt an attitude of gratitude on Thanksgiving.
              BWy S t a f f
for. The Roving Reporter asked a few ladies
Roving Reporter
 ith Thanksgiving around the corner, it is a time many of us reflect on what we are thankful
what they were thankful for and why. Read the responses we received. Happy Thanksgiving!
beauty in everything and that I can find the good in everyone. I’m grateful for my family, my job, my home, the food on the table, clothes on my back. I am grateful. And I am humbled that God chose me to teach so many beautiful human beings. For all I am grateful.
to listen, encourage me and hug me. I am totally thankful for nature, going to the beach, the sound of the waves, the sun on my face, seagulls singing and the moon shining on the waves at night. I am absolutely grateful for parks, with fresh air, trees waving in the wind and a cool breeze. Both of these places are great for meditation
and quiet solace.
I am thankful to fulfill my God given
purpose to help women and all in need on their journey in life.
immediate family and all 5 of my siblings. That is so rare to be able to say. I am grateful for the people that I work with at Any Woman Can. They all love the Lord and they have a heart to help women walk from “Crisis to Comeback”. And I am grateful for many the friendships that make my world a better place.
fortunate than me. Thank you to those who collect of food, clothing, blankets and care packets for the underprivileged. Thank you to those that provide shelters for battered women and their children and donate items from a wish list. If you’ve ever fostered a child, worked a soup line, reported abuse, and most significantly, shared the love and truth of Christ, then you’ve contributed to my story and who I’ve become today. This
chapter of my story finds me in adulthood working to build a career and meeting my heroes. As I meet some of you in the
MErica Alanis y heart
is full of
GRATITUDE each day, if any challenges comes my way, I keep a mental note of 5 things I am grateful for, that right away shifts my day! Most importantly,I am
grateful for having my
I could have lost him on January 2018. He had a stroke and after lots of love and intense therapy, he is here with us thriving. I am grateful for my little girl, my miracle
community, once again, I am reminded that God is my rescue story.
child, after 12 years of waiting for a child, we were blessed to have her. Every challenge reminds me to keep holding on tight to the most important things in life, family and friends. I am blessed for having a grateful heart that loves to live in the moment and not take any moment for granted. I am grateful for always seeing the good in people and not change no matter how hard life gets.... challenges make us stronger... challenges opens our hearts and makes us have more compassion towards everyone around us. So happy to be celebrating this Thanksgiving with my family.
  eona Schweninger
here’s too much to be said about
  how grateful that I am. I am grateful that God romances me. There is no better Romance. I’m grateful that I see
LElizabeth Buckley
husband with me.
 ife is because I can smile and
laugh often.
I am grateful for making
memories that stay
forever dear. My heart
fills with gratitude
when close friends
and family give me
words of wisdom in difficult times. I am overwhelming thankful I have children
SIhan Wiley
am grateful for so many is hard to narrow it
down. But, if I must, I am grateful for the people in my life. I praise God that I have an incredible relationship with my
LBilly Jordan
bond I have with my daughters (16 & 20). The last 6 years have been pretty challenging post- divorce (after being together 20 years). Their
hristine Hinkley Trice
’m infinitely grateful for the incredibly strong
dad completely checked out of their lives about two years ago and life has taken a turn I never would have anticipated.
Quiz - Continued on page 10 November 2019
        ehind person is a story. Like
DNA, no two stories are the same. For me, my story paints a picture that has fostered a warm grateful heart for the people in communities that serve others less
Canada and the United States with similar parades and fanfare. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the blessings in one’s life and enjoy the company of family and friends during a special meal.
Although people celebrate Thanksgiving each and every year, they may not be aware of some of its interesting history. Test your knowledge of gobblers and general trivia with this quiz.
1. Despite competing historical claims, the story most people associate with the first American Thanksgiving took place in a colony in this modern-day state?
t is once again time to talk turkey, stuffing and all of the trimmings. Thanksgiving is celebrated in both

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