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  Business Spotlight: The Ramirez Law Firm
TBy Katelyn Harvey
he Ramirez Law Firm is a family owned and operated law firm built upon the foundational
belief that the client comes first. Roberto Ramirez went into law not only to help his clients resolve their legal issues, but also to educate, assure and guide them so that they are able to make informed, beneficial decisions for themselves, their families and their businesses.
Ramirez is a third-generation small business owner. Growing up, his father owned successful tire shops in Laredo and both of his parents worked very hard to ensure that their son had every opportunity to succeed in life.
“Robert feels very loyal and indebted to his parents,” explained Madeline Ramirez, Robert’s wife and business partner. “He has worked hard to make them proud and it’s his driving force – to pay it forward and make a difference in the lives of others.”
As a Texas business attorney, Robert provides legal counsel and business consulting services to start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors. He has effectively represented a broad range of businesses, including many Texas companies.
“Business law can be very difficult to master,” explained Madeline. “No two cases are ever the same. Robert has the necessary
experience and the desire and drive to work hard for his clients.”
The Ramirez Law Firm can also assist clients in commercial real estate law and estate planning. Robert also sets aside the time to take on at least one or two cases pro- bono per quarter.
“Robert’s pro-bono work is most satisfying to him,” explained Madeline. “Oftentimes, people need someone on their side, someone to advocate for them, and he is proud to be able to do that.”
Robert is one of the only Spanish- speaking business attorneys in the area. He is proud to help new business owners and entrepreneurs who have immigrated to the United States and are working hard to make their dream a reality.
“Robert is inspired by his clients’ drive and desire to be successful,”Madeline stated. He’s proud to be a part of that and will help them grow in any way he can.”
Recently, a client came to Robert entangled in a bad business partnership. Robert helped the client exit the partnership and invest his money wisely into a new endeavor. The client is now thriving. To Robert, there is no greater satisfaction than helping a client through a difficult time and seeing him or her through to the other side.
“It’s something that happens naturally with our clients,” explained Madeline. “We
Robert & Madeline Ramirez
   truly care about their wellbeing – personally and financially. We are honored that they chose to trust us with their legal needs and we do everything we can to be there for them and help them prosper.”
Outside of the courtroom, Robert and his wife enjoy hiking, biking and swimming. They also enjoy traveling and are always accompanied by their dog, a Goldendoodle named Charlie. The Ramirez’ are also big fans of the Green Bay Packers and the San
Antonio Spurs.
At The Ramirez Law Firm, you can expect
to be treated with honesty, integrity and respect. Robert, Madeline and The Ramirez Law Firm team would be honored to assist you with your legal needs.
Ramirez Law Firm 14855 Blanco Rd, Suite 102 San Antonio, TX 78216 (210) 236-5452
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