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 A Clear Vision For Healthy Eyes
 “Everyone was so patient, spending two hours teaching and encouraging
 y 8 and 10-year-old to put in hard contact lenses, The true stars are the doctors and staff. They are wonderfully helpful, polite and understanding. ~ Lisa A. - Customer
YBy Rachele Lind
ou only have two eyes – it’s important to take care of them! Dr. Monica Allison, Owner of Stone
Oak Vision Source, and her experienced and friendly staff have been caring for the eyes of Stone Oak for over 17 years. Stone Oak Vision Source is the leading provider of vision care in Stone Oak and across the city of San Antonio. With a passion for providing quality eye care and a dedication to incorporating cutting edge treatment options into her practice, Dr. Allison and the staff at Stone Oak Vision Source can help you achieve and maintain clear vision for years to come.
Dr. Allison was born in Dallas, TX and grew up in Martin’s Mill, a small dairy farming community in East Texas. After graduating from the University of Houston College of Optometry, she began her three- year commitment to the United States Army. While attending training at Fort Sam Houston, she fell in love with San Antonio.
“Although San Antonio is big, it still has a small town feel that reminded me of where I came from, especially Stone Oak,” said Dr. Allison. “I knew it would be a wonderful place to raise my family and start my business.”
Dr. Allison and her family moved to Stone Oak in 2005 while she was pregnant with her son. She then purchased Stone Oak Vision Source, which is a member of Vision Source, a premiere network of private practice optometrists. With over 2,500 offices nationwide, Vision Source is the largest eyewear group in the United States.
Dr. Allison has dedicated her career and built her practice upon the ability to provide patients with not only a thorough eye exam, but some of the most specialized treatment options in the industry. Stone Oak Vision Source is the only optometry office in Stone Oak that offers LipiFlow, the only FDA approved medical device that can detect and treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), a component of dry eye.
“We all have glands in our eyelids,” Dr. Allison explained. “If they’re not flowing or working correctly, you can develop dry eye. Dry eye might not sound like that much of
a problem, but it can be very painful and a chronic issue.”
There are many causes of dry eye, and the LipoScan, a free service for patients at Stone Oak Vision Source, can determine if LipiFlow can provide relief. Vision Source Stone Oak also provides patients advanced technology in the form of an Optomap, a small instrument that can take a wide field image of the retina and see the back of the eye without having to use drops to dilate the eye; and Optical coherence tomography (OPT) which contains a screening module to help detect glaucoma and macular degeneration.
“We use the OCT for patients 40 and older at no charge,” explained Dr. Allison. “If you are experiencing vision loss, it’s already too late. We want to catch it before that.”
Dr. Allison specializes in working with those who require specialty lens fittings. She is one of the only doctors in the state of Texas that has the fitting sets and required technology that can actually mold the lens to the eye when regular contact lenses will not fit. She is also highly experienced in Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), contact lens corneal reshaping.
“Ortho-K works by wearing a lens only at night that reshapes your eyes as you sleep,” Dr. Allison explained. “Then, in the morning, you can see clearly with nothing on. It can also help control myopia, or nearsightedness, so that it won’t get worse, so it’s a great option for children who are growing and athletes who don’t want to have to worry about wearing contacts or glasses while playing their sport.”
When myopia is left untreated in growing children, their nearsightedness can worsen which means that later in life, they are at greater risk for macular degeneration, detached retinas and other diseases of the eye.
“I’m a big proponent of Ortho-K – I’ve even used it on my own children,” Dr. Allison stated. “It’s a highly specialized treatment that requires specific equipment and certifications which cost time and money, but it’s worth the investment. If we can prevent the progression of myopia, we can save your vision for life.”
Lisa A.’s two young children are Ortho-K
Dr. Kim IP
toward their own personal goals.”
Vance P., a Stone Oak Vision Source patient,
often refers friends and family to Dr. Allison when they’re in need of an optometrist.
“I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for my appointment, even when I’m early,” Vance said. “There’s no pressure to add-on a service or upgrade, the doctors are knowledgeable and personable, and the staff is friendly and helpful.”
November is a great time to book your annual eye visit before the holidays. Use your insurance benefits and book your annual eye exam before the year’s end. And don’t forget, using HSA or Flex dollars to purchase an extra pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses are a smart way to use those funds before you lose them. Dr. Allison and the friendly, professional staff at Stone Oak Vision Source would love to take care of your entire family’s vision, including infants starting at six months of age. Take care of your eyes, you only have two!
Stone Oak Vision Source 810 Knights Cross Dr, Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78258 (210) 495-9020
     Dr. Monica Allison
patients at Stone Oak Vision Source. “Everyone was so patient, spending two hours teaching and encouraging my 8 and 10-year-old to put in hard contact lenses,” said Lisa. “The true stars are the doctors and staff. They are wonderfully helpful, polite and
As Dr. Allison’s practice has
grown, she’s expanded her staff to accommodate her patient load and has built a team of nearly 20 employees to provide better, more efficient service and treatment for patients. Dr. Conner McNabb and Dr. Kim Ip practice alongside Dr. Allison in a beautiful new office space with ample parking in the heart of Stone Oak. Each member of the Stone Oak Vision Source team truly enjoys what they do which is important to Dr. Allison. Although the state of Texas does not require that techs and opticians be nationally certified, Dr. Allison pushes her staff to obtain this certification.
“We really emphasize training and continued education,” Dr. Allison explained. “I want my employees to take pride in their career and work
Dr.Conner McNabb
    November 2019

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