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  FGranklin Park Sonterra Spotlight : Gladys Lynch
By Vicky Leal
ladys Lynch recently celebrated Her sons and husband shared a lifelong love her 90th birthday, and says it was of golf, and played together as often as they her best birthday yet, thanks to her could.
           children. Her children organized a special birthday celebration, including private bus transportation, for Gladys and her friends to the party held at the Fair Oaks Country Club. “I have four children; 3 sons and 1 daughter. And I have 2 granddaughters. Two of my sons flew in from California to be here. All of my children helped to plan, but my daughter in law, who lives in San Antonio, worked the hardest on the party. It was very, very nice!” she expressed.
Gladys was especially tickled by a gift her oldest granddaughter sent to her. Her granddaughter is a mechanical engineer in Colorado, working for a company contracted by NASA to oversee projects related to Mars exploration and possible future travels to the planet. “I have a ticket to Mars,” she laughed. “Leaving July 2020. I don’t think I can make the trip. I might get there a little late.”
When asked if she was still married, she answered through the lens of her playful sense of humor and colorful personality. “I’m still married. He died. It was the only way he could get out of this marriage,” she chuckled. “My husband passed away when he was 80 years old, in 2004. We were married 57 years. My only competition in the marriage was hunting, fishing, and golf.”
Born and raised in San Antonio, Gladys Lynch built her life around what she considers to be her greatest gift and accomplishment; her family. After graduating from Brackenridge High School, she met her husband, Harry Steven Lynch.
“My dream was to be a nurse. I met Harry instead,” she quipped.
Harry worked for United States Post Office, and Gladys worked at USAA, on- and-off for a few years, between the births of their children. Eventually, she stayed at home full time and worked side jobs to help pay for her children’s private schooling.
“My goal was for independence. My children were going to be well educated and able to choose whether they would work for somebody or work for themselves. Also, I wanted them out of the house!” she laughed.
“I am extremely proud of them. My sons graduated from UT Austin, and my daughter graduated from Southwest Texas State. My oldest and my 3rd sons have their Masters. My daughter and 2nd son didn’t get their Masters, but they got enough schooling to do well with what they do!”
After her kids were grown, and after the age of 40, Gladys went on to work at Julian Gold for 20 years as a credit manager.
During that time, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been a breast cancer survivor since 2000.
As for personal hobbies, Gladys loves to cook and loves family gatherings. Some of her favorite memories are of the times her children came home for weekend visits from college. The family would gather in the backyard for bar b que, volleyball, and a customary keg of beer. Today, she is enjoying all that life has to offer, including being a resident at Franklin Park.
“Living at Franklin Park is like living on a cruise ship! They take care of everything! I’ve got everything I need. I don’t know where
they find them, but the people that work here are the nicest people in the world.”
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