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      Meet Tejeda Middle School’s
Principal: Martha Reyes
helped me fulfill my dreams of having a university degree,” Reyes explained. “Even when the road was tough, teachers were there to encourage me to stay the course.”
As an administrator, Reyes is skilled at developing relationships to help push student achievement forward. She views her position as an opportunity to positively impact the lives of her students and staff. She isn’t afraid to try new things, even if that means experiencing failure.
“For me, fear comes from the repetition of doing the same thing and never breaking out of the cycle,” Reyes said. “I recently read somewhere that grit develops from the desire to improve oneself coupled with the ability to slightly fear, but the willingness to learn from failure.”
As principal at Tejeda, Reyes hopes to help her students develop a connection with their school and a sense of pride in being a Tejeda Timberwolf.
“Pride in how we represent ourselves at Tejeda Middle School is extremely important to me as it speaks to integrity, respect and showing the right path to our younger Timberwolves,” she explained.
Reyes also plans to encourage her students to be aware of and participate
By Rachele Lind
CPT Veronica K. Waites-Moore knew she wanted to join the military even before she graduated from high school. Both her uncle and father had served and she wanted to lead the kind of life they had led – full of excitement and opportunity. Today, Waites-Moore is an Active Duty nurse with the Army Nurse Corps.
Originally from Oxnard, CA, Waites- Moore joined the Army in 1993 as a Motor Transport Operator (truck driver). In 2010, she competed for and was selected to participate in an Army program called AECP (Army Enlisted Commissioning Program). Her acceptance began her transition to becoming an Army Nurse. She received her BSN from Colorado State University – Pueblo and was commissioned in 2012 at Fort Sam Houston.
“For the last several years, my primary job assignment has been clinical/ charge nurse,” Waites-Moore explained. “I absolutely love being an Army Nurse. I get to take care of Active Duty, retirees, family members and civilian emergencies. I love taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves. I also love being able to empower my patients with education so that they can advocate for themselves and make informed decisions.”
Waites-Moore has been stationed at Fort Bragg, NC; Camp Humphreys, Korea; Fort Lewis, WA; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Fort Carson, CO; Fort Stewart, GA; and twice at Fort Sam Houston, TX. She also deployed to Iraq for 15 months in support of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. While deployed to Iraq, she was awarded the Bronze Star for her service and actions.
“I am very proud of what my unit and platoon did while we were deployed,” Waites-Moore stated.
Waites-Moore has also received several awards for her nursing care including the Daisy Award after a patient wrote a narrative about how they believed she
CPT Veronica K. Waites-Moore enlisted in the United States Army in 1993. Today, she is a Registered Nurse with the Army Nurse Corps at Fort Sam Houston.
had gone above and beyond to care for them. She was also awarded 2017 Nursing Team Member of the Year at Winn Army Community Hospital.
“I am honored to have been recognized by my patients, peers and supervisors,” Waites-Moore said.
Today, Waites-Moore lives in Rogers Ranch with her two children, her boyfriend and his son. One of the reasons she chose to move back to San Antonio was due to the amount of support for active duty soldiers and veterans in the community.
“I feel like people here are always thanking me for my service,” she described. Most of the businesses in town go out of their way to help or accommodate military members. I have also seen many civilian agencies donate goods, money and time to veterans and active duty personnel.
After she retires, Waites-Moore plans to stay in San Antonio so that she too can help keep up that level of support for future service members and veterans.
“Overall, I think civilians in San Antonio do an excellent job of showing support,” Waites-Moore said. “Saying ‘thank you for your service,’ a handshake or hug, or taking the time to talk with a veteran or service member means a lot.”
y Rachele Lind
Middle School family as principal.
“I am humbled and grateful to join the Tejeda community and I am excited to learn the traditions of our campus,” Reyes said. “I understand the culture of the Timberwolves is a strong one that provides every student the opportunity to reach their highest potential and I look forward to contributing to this environment.”
Reyes began her educational career as a high school paraprofessional and social studies teacher followed by her first administrative assignment at Mark Twain Middle School. In 2009, she joined the NEISD family as an Academic Dean at Eisenhower Middle School and in 2014, she became an Assistant Principal at Tex Hill Middle School. Before accepting the principal position at Tejeda, Reyes was the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction at MacArthur High School from 2017-2019.
Reyes was influenced to pursue a career in education by her own teachers who believed in her and pushed her to excel.
“As a first generation American and first generation university graduate, my teachers
 ith 21 years of experience as an educator, Martha Reyes is excited to join the Tejeda
   Tejeda Middle School’s new principal, Martha Reyes (seated, center) with her administrative staff.
 in one or more of the many academic and social organizations Tejeda has to offer.
“These organizations will afford students the opportunity to have a well-rounded
middle school experience,” Reyes explained. “There are an abundance of faculty and staff members who are available to support their
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