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    Celebrating 30 Years: Aldaco’s Mexican Cuisine
TBy Rachele Lind
hirty years ago, Blanca Aldaco opened her first restaurant in downtown San Antonio, in a
quaint little house in St. Paul’s Square on Commerce Street. She was a first- generation business owner, a young woman with a vision and a passion, and an undeniable talent for cooking. Now, three decades later, Blanca has amazingly been able to keep her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing restaurant industry, adapting and growing, and never sacrificing what Aldaco’s Mexican Cuisine is known for - authentic, delicious, family- inspired recipes in an atmosphere that feels like home.
“As a part of the City of San Antonio for 30 years, it’s really taken a lot of tenacity, hard work and willingness to observe what’s going on around you and adapt and change to meet the needs of customers,” Blanca explained. “It’s been a great year, celebrating such a milestone.”
The restaurant industry is not for the faint of heart. In her years in business, Blanca has seen countless other restaurants open only to close their doors a short while later. So, what is the secret to Aldaco’s success?
“It sounds cliché, but it all starts with having a good relationship with your vendors and staff,” Blanca explained. “Your staff is the face of your brand, they are the ones who are ultimately going to have a lasting impact on your client. I have worked hard to build a really great team. We’re not perfect – I wish we were – but we try our best to be reactive to every customer’s needs and never assume that we’re the best.”
Aldaco’s team consists of multiple employees who have been with Blanca for over a decade. Four employees have been with her for over two decades. According to Blanca – consistency is key. She has created a management style that works and she expects her staff to stick with it. If customers know they will receive great service and a delicious meal each visit, they will come back.
“We’re as good as last client’s experience,”Blanca explained.
Over the years, Aldaco’s has made a lasting imprint on the cuisine scene in San
Antonio. The restaurant is widely accepted as the first in San Antonio to put Tres Leches on its menu, Blanca’s own made- from-scratch recipe. Today, the traditional and delicious cake has evolved into the must-have dessert in the city’s Mexican restaurants, but there’s nothing like the original. Blanca has also perfected the art of margarita and Aldaco’s is of course known for its creamy and mysterious Avocado Margarita. Blanca’s recipes are inspired by her childhood growing up in Guadalajara, her dishes are fresh, innovative and flavorful. And they’re just as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat. And while staying true to her roots, Blanca isn’t afraid to embrace change.
“I pay attention to trends in the industry and I feel like I have pretty good intuition when it comes to know what will work and what won’t,” Blanca explained. “When our diners wanted lighter menu options, we made it happen without compromising on flavor. And when I noticed a greater demand for carry-out, we added curbside service and I invested in sturdier, more reliable to-go containers to ensure their food would arrive home the same way it left our kitchen.”
There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into making Aldaco’s such a success and a household name in San Antonio. It’s important to Blanca to be there often - in her restaurant - greeting guests and in the kitchen with her staff, ensuring her vision is carried out and her customers know they are valued. Their overall dining experience is important to her. It means something to Blanca that they chose her restaurant to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a date night, a family meal. And there’s no detail too small when it comes to providing a wonderful dining experience.
In celebration of Aldaco’s 30th anniversary, Blanca decided the restaurant’s bar needed a facelift. However, after a little research, she decided a complete revamp was necessary. The new bar, nicknamed“The Office” offers new community tables, ample seating, free Wi-Fi, and six televisions. And its new positioning inside the restaurant offers customers the beautiful sweeping views of the canyons of Stone Oak Aldaco’s is known for. “The Office” is bright, open, inviting and
“I found that after work, my
customers wanted a place to go to unwind before heading home,” explained Blanca. “Not a full-service dining experience but also not a dark, loud crowded bar or club. Our new bar is a happy medium between the two and our customers and staff love it. We are now able to have five bartenders per shift to get drinks out fast and the functionality of the bar has been greatly improved by its new design.”
So, what’s next for one of San Antonio’s most well-known and highly reviewed Mexican restaurants? Blanca hopes her daughters will one day join the family business and carry forward her vision into the next 30 years and beyond.
“We are our own competition,” Blanca explained. “The only thing I truly are about is how my guests feel when they leave. I value the camaraderie between the client and the server. I want Aldaco’s to feel like home.”
Aldaco’s Mexican Cuisine 20079 Stone Oak Parkway San Antonio, TX 78258 (210) 494-0561
“ I pay attention to trends in the industry and I feel like I have pretty good intuition when it comes to know what will work and what won’t. When our diners wanted
lighter menu options, we made it happen without compromising on flavor.
~ Blanca Aldaco - Owner
       November 2019

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