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 Musical Memories Made At Reagan
y Rachele Lind
  or seven years, Zachary True has participated in choir – the last four at Reagan High School. Now a
freshman at the University of Texas at San Antonio, True finds himself, for the first time, not in choir due to a scheduling conflict... but that won’t last for long.
“I am looking forward to joining UTSA’s choir program in the spring,”said Zachary.
Music has always played a special role in Zachary’s life. He is a two-year All State tenor and sang in both Reagan’s elite Chamber Choir and its Show Choir, Soundsations. Zachary credits music with helping him develop into the person he is today while introducing him to many new people who he now considers his closest friends.
“Initially I liked choir just because I discovered that I was pretty good at singing,” Zachary said. “It was the first social activity that I was able to rise to the top in.”
Zachary’s love for choir evolved from something that he was good at to something that he couldn’t imagine living without.
“Choir for me has always felt like home,” Zachary described. “It’s not always about the music; a lot of the time it’s the people that make choir so wonderful. Although I’ve found there aren’t many things that can compare to finally perfecting an intense and challenging song.”
This summer, Zachary traveled to Florence, Italy with the Reagan Choir to compete in the Leonardo Da Vinci International Choral Festival.
“It was definitely something that I will never forget,” said Zachary. “Most of the choirs performed musically challenging and complex songs, which made our victory seem impossible. We competed in the first round with the mindset of ‘we aren’t going to win, so we may as well make the most of the performance.’ This in turn helped by making our performance more enjoyable for not only us, but also the audience.”
It worked – the choir was informed that they advanced to the final round. They strived to recreate the same energy and excitement...and it worked again.
“Later that night, we were announced not only the winners of our category, but the winners of the entire festival!”
While the win was monumental for the Reagan Choir program, it was what happened behind the scenes, that Zachary will always remember. While waiting for the award’s ceremony, the choirs at first remained in their respective groups, whispering amongst themselves. But then, the choir from Spain began to sing. And then, other choir students began dancing. One by one, more and more choirs started to join in.
Zachary True
 “Soon we had songs from multiple cultures and smiles on every face,” Zachary described. “There really aren’t many things that I can use to compare to that feeling of togetherness. Complete strangers coming together under the unifying force of music.”
Zachary also took his first stab at acting during his senior year at Reagan in the theatre department’s production of “Hello Dolly”as Cornelius Hackyl, the Chief Clerk for Vandergelder’s Feed Store. The production was later named the best in the city at the 2019 Joci Awards.
“For my first performance in the theater world, I’d say that it was a success,” Zachary said.
Although Zachary doesn’t plan to pursue music as a full-time career (he’s currently studying computer science), music will always be a part of his life.
“What inspires me with music is the way that it can bring people together,” Zachary said. “People can find common ground in music, and it can often be a beautiful thing.”
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