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  The More The Merrier
n 2015, Michelle Houriet Voutour married the love of her life, Teddy Voutour, and her family grew from
a party of two to a party of six. Over the past four years, the Voutour family has beautifully blended together...adjusting, learning and loving one another through all the excitement that life brings.
Before marrying her husband Ted, Michelle and her daughter, Isabella, had been on their own for a few years.
“Isabella and I adopted each other in 2009 when she was seven years old,” explained Michelle, “And I became a single, first time mom!”
For six years, it was just mother and daughter. But that all changed in the most beautiful way after Michelle and Ted, who was the father to three boys, became husband and wife.
“We had a quaint, and very meaningful wedding ceremony, followed by a family cruise. My home instantly became much louder, adding four guys to our two gal household!” said Michelle. “Bringing six people together takes an open mind and acceptance from all involved. We are very blessed to have very loving and willing children who were truly open to the whole idea of blending our families.”
In October 2018, the Voutours all “legally adopted” each other – so there are no “steps” in the Voutour family. “We have not ever called ourselves “step” anything,” Michelle explained. “I feel our kids understand that
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would benefit far more from joining this group with the friendships forged over the last four years.”
Prop Pops support the teams at several competitions, but at state dance in San Marcos, they play multiple roles. Not only do they transport and set up props, they cook lunch and dinner for the girls and parents. This begins the evening before competition, when a group of dads pull an RV, large BBQ pit, and Spirit trailer to Texas
Quiz - Continued from page 8 a. Pennsylvania
b. New Jersey
c. Massachusetts
d. Delaware
2. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on which day of the week in Canada?
a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Wednesday
d. Thursday
3. Pilgrims from Europe associated with Thanksgiving are purported to have sailed across the Atlantic to reach North American on which ship?
a. Daisy
b. Mayflower
c. Santa Maria
d. Roseflower
y Rachele Lind
my husband’s and my commitment is and has always been to our entire family, not just each other.”
Michelle is grateful for her large family. She embraces the “busy” and realizes that she won’t always have four teenagers at home (Teddy 18, Isabella 17, Tanner 16 and Skyler 14) with busy schedules, lots of friends over and a hefty grocery bill.
“I know this time will be gone in the blink of an eye,”Michelle said.“So I love to hear our kids laughing together, sharing inside jokes, confiding in one another, counting on each other, creating memories and making plans together. It is an awesome dynamic and beautiful to see them trust each other and stick together!”
The act of bringing two families together is what Michelle calls a “crock pot” process – something that simply cannot be rushed and is not instant, rather takes time and commitment.
“Staying true and focused on the well being of each person individually is needed to move to the next level of a relationship... including that of new parents to teenagers,” she explained.
To other newly blended families, Michelle advises that mom and dad always consider one another’s views, realize that your way isn’t the only way, be open to learning from each other even when it goes against the grain, use caution when it comes to discipline, and always remember that love requires kindness and patience.
State to claim a spot outside the complex. In between cooking, dads go back-and-forth to watch their daughters and assist with props, such as the Lego Wall for Silver Stars’ military dance. Their hard work paid off when Reagan dance, drill, and pep won first place in their respective divisions, and the pinnacle award given to the highest scoring team regardless of size or category. Winning this, at the largest state competition in Texas, is the highest award given to a team.
4. Which tribe of Native Americans
taught Pilgrims how to cultivate the land, contributing to the first Thanksgiving?
a. Algonquin
b. Lenape
c. Shoshone
d. Wampanoag
5. Fossil evidence shows that turkeys roamed the Americas how long ago?
a. 10 million years ago
b. 15 million years ago
c. 20 million years ago
d. 25 million years ago
6. Three different deboned types of poultry go into this Thanksgiving meal alternative? a. Orange duck
b. Turducken
c. Turkey chowmein
 “Don’t think you have all the answers,” she shared. “Do whatever you can to learn and grow in the way your family needs you to. The transition and the meshing of our family has been a great learning experience for me and has definitely taught me that the truly important things in life are worth the investment of time, and they aren’t always what I thought they were in my mind. Only with time can trust and relationship grow, and it is forever changing... because of the kids hormones or mine,” she laughs!
Perhaps one of the most important things that they continue to do, is honor the boys mom who passed away in 2012. “I truly love Wendi, my boys’ mom,” said Michelle. “If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have my boys. It is important to me that we celebrate and remember her. I feel strongly that we
In this season of Thanksgiving, Reagan Spirit wants to spotlight our Prop Pops for all the time, work, and love they bring to the organization. Valeria Sisson, Dance Director, explained, “The Reagan Prop Pop group is truly special. I am so grateful to have such amazing people volunteer their time, money, blood, sweat and sometimes even tears to make each of the Reagan Spirit members have a safe, fun and memorable year!”
d. Chixturck
7. In what year did Congress make Thanksgiving an official national holiday in the United States?
a. 1932
b. 1939
c. 1941
d. 1946
8. Twenty precent of the overall consumption of this type of fruit is done on Thanksgiving.
a. apples
b. cranberries
c. cherries
d. grapes
9. The first Canadian Thanksgiving was a welcome-home celebration for Sir Martin Frobisher when he returned to which area
would have been great friends. I have a very dear and close relationship with her family (parents and siblings) and friends, which I now call mine. My heart feels right and full... I’m incredibly blessed and grateful that God entrusted me with my amazing family just the way it all came to be. We each have a story... and when I look at the faces of all who sit around our dinner table, I find it so comforting and refreshing to see how no matter the challenges we have personally experienced, we all truly just want to be happy and loved at the end of the day! We want to be a part of something significant. Something bigger than ourselves. I am exactly where I am supposed to be... I have no doubt!”
Charlie Mills and daughter, Emma
of the country?
a. Albert
b. Manitoba
c. British Columbia
d. Newfoundland
10. Canadians sometimes call the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States by this name to distinguish it from their own Thanksgiving celebration.
a. Yanksgiving
b. Amerigiving
c. Turmerica
d. USthanks Answers:1.c2.a3.b4.d5.a6.b7.c8.b 9.d10.a
The Voutour Family
November 2019

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