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Celebrating 15 Years Of Compassionate Care For ChildrenBy Alissa ReinhardAs a new parent, selecting the right pediatrician for your growing family is often one of the first – and most important – decisions you will make. For 15 years, families in Helotes and across San Antonio have chosen Helotes Pediatrics, trusting the entire Helotes Pediatrics family to provide qualified, experienced and loving care.Wendy Gideon, MD and Laura Tamayo, MD, the original practice owners and founders, pride themselves on providing the most compassionate and comprehensive pediatric treatment available. 2018 has been a pivotal year for the practice – Dr. Tamayo unfortunately had to leave the practice to tend to her own personal health journey. However, Helotes Pediatrics also celebrated their 15th anniversary, a joyful testament to the confidence and trust so many patients and their families have placed in their practice.“It went by really fast,” said Dr. Gideon, with a smile. “I can remember back to when we first opened, and of course it was nerve- racking, venturing out on your own with a brand-new business. But we also had a lot of fun.”Many of the same patients Dr. Gideon saw on the very first day the practice opened, she still sees today. She has even watched as her older patients have grown, married and gone on to have their own children, who she now treats as their pediatrician. Two generations of families have been cared for at Helotes Pediatrics! Dr. Gideon attributes this success to maintaining traditional values as a practice and treating her patients like family. She always takes the time to make sure parents are heard and understood. After all, mom and dad know their child best.“It’s important that the parents feel comfortable enough to have an open relationship with us,” explained Dr. Gideon. “I don’t ever want them to feel intimidated or to think that their question is silly or that I might think less of them for asking. There are no silly questions! I also wantDecember/January 18 -19Dr. Gideon with patient.them to feel that we are accessible – even if they don’t have an appointment. There will always be someone from our team available to help.”Helotes Pediatrics prides itself on the practice’s small town, mom and pop, family feel. Dr. Gideon and her entire team work hard to create a caring and supportive environment for all patients and their families.“There are other practices out there that have numerous pediatricians, and while that model may work for some families, others prefer to stay with just one or two doctors,”explained Dr. Gideon.“I hope to be a guide for my patients, not only medically, but in all different aspects of their lives – emotional issues, academic issues, etc. My hope is to be able to help them navigate the system and get them to adulthood as healthy, productive, confident, and successful individuals.”Helotes Pediatrics understands that life can be chaotic and unpredictable. The entire staff always does their very best to accommodate patients, talk them through their questions and concerns, and foster open lines of communication. If a patient doesn’t have an appointment, but they have a medical concern, they can always call to speak with a nurse or doctor, even after hours.“We want to guide them and advise them and we are available to do so always,” explained Dr. Gideon. “We can help determine if their concern is something urgent and that needs to be seen right away or if it can wait until the next morning. Either way, we want our patients and their parents to feel comfortable, heard and understood.”Patients at Helotes Pediatrics can always seek out medical advice when necessary, including after hours and on weekends. Helotes Pediatrics also work closely with local urgent care facilities and emergency rooms to ensure that continuation of care is a top priority.Dr. Gideon decided to study medicineIn white coats L-R Dr. Sarah Liss, Dr. Wendy Gideon, Shannon Bartell, NP & Staff.and become a pediatrician simply because she loves children! Nothing brings a smile to her face quite like interacting with her young patients, learning their big personalities and their likes and dislikes, all while providing exceptional care.“I had a patient, a little boy, who came in sick recently and I asked him, ‘Are any of your friends sick, too?’” said Dr. Gideon. “He told me no. His mom recalled another sick child in the classroom and quickly said, ‘But he’s not my friend!’” I’ve learned over the years to ask questions in a childlike mentality. I give their dolly or teddy bear a checkup before I give them one, so they’ll feel more comfortable. I play with them, interact with them. It’s so great to see them grow up. It’s the best part of my job.”Helotes Pediatrics follows the American Board of Pediatrics immunization guidelines and believes that vaccinating children when scheduled is the best way to help protect them from potentially fatal diseases.“Immunization schedules were created for a reason and vaccines are given at certain ages because those are the agesin which the patient is most susceptible to major complications,” explained Dr. Gideon. “We don’t want to miss that critical period when a child is susceptible. We need to protect them and others around them who are immunocompromised.”At Helotes Pediatrics, Dr. Gideon and her staff of tenured medical professionals, many of which who have been with the practice since they opened their doors in 2003, are ready to welcome your family into their own with open arms. They are also actively searching to add a new pediatrician to the team.“We are looking for someone who is the right fit,” explained Dr. Gideon. “And we’re excited for what the next 15 years and beyond will bring!”Helotes Pediatrics 11085 Bandera Rd, Suite 102 San Antonio, TX 78250 (210) 372-0505 www.helotespediatrics.comwww.heloteshighlights.com9

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