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Did You Know?eslie Road is named after Andrew Jackson Leslie (1815-1885) who settled in Helotes in the late 1850s.Bringing Over 30 Years Of ExpertiseExcellence & compassionate care in heart, vascular, & venous diseases to your local neighborhood.Areas Of Expertise:Hypertension Coronary Artery Disease Congestive Heart Failure • Syncope Arrhythmia• AtrialFibrillation Valvular HeartDisease Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Venous InsufficiencyI. Eko Tjahja, MD, FACC(210) 920-800012340 Bandera Rd., Suite 104, Helotes TX 78023www.cvistx.comy Cynthia Leal MasseyBLLeslie was among 62 Texans captured by Mexican troops under the leadership of General Adrian Woll, on September 11, 1842, and marched from San Antonio to the prison at the Castle of Perote near the town of Vera Cruz, Mexico. At the time of his capture, Leslie was a member of San Antonio’s Company of Volunteers.Others captured were Bexar County’s District Judge, the District Clerk, the District Attorney, litigants, some of the jurors and other citizens, and all but one member of the San Antonio Bar. Some of the prisoners died along the way or after arriving at the prison; others were imprisoned and forced to work at hard labor. Many starved to death and those who survived lived in deplorable conditions. They were later joined by survivors from the ill-fated Mier Expedition, a military operation launched to invade Mexico in retaliation for Woll’s attack. The majority of the Perote prisoners, including Leslie, remained in captivity until March 24, 1844. He, along with 35 others, was released upon intercession of the U.S. minister.At the time of his capture, Leslie, who was born in Humphreys, Tennessee, was 27 years old and single. He immigrated to Texas in 1836. Because he arrived in Texas “prior to the 1st of October 1837,” subsequent to the state’s declaration of independence and was a single man, the Board of Land Commissioners of Harris County awarded him a Class 2 Headright Certificate of 640 acres on July 19, 1838. He used the certificate to obtain land in northwest Bexar County. The land was surveyed in late 1852.In 1855, Leslie joined a company of Mounted Rangers under the command of Capt. William G. Tobin, to fight Indians. By 1860, according to his brand application,Athlete - continued from page 7the biggest ones has got to be my sister,” said Wesley. “She’s really the reason I got into swimming and water polo. She really inspired me to go out and do what you want, but to make sure you have fun with it at the same time.”With such an intense practice and competition schedule, balancing school and athletics can be difficult, but Wesley explains that it all comes down to being prepared and planning ahead and that the sacrifice is always worth it.“I just want to push my limits and see how far I can go,” he stated. “I truly have no idea what my full potential is, but I’d love to see it.”When it comes to choosing the athletic accomplishment he’s most proud of at this point in his water polo and swimming career, Wesley is hard pressed to choose just one.Republic of Texas Land Certificate for 640 acres awarded to A. J. Leslie, July 19, 1838. He purchased land in Helotes with this certificate, including the area where the Helotes Festival Association grounds are located.Leslie was “residing on the Culebra.” For the next 25 years, he was an integral member of the Helotes community. In 1881, the still single Leslie recorded a will making his nephew, Sam G. Leslie, his sole beneficiary. He also specified a place on Helotes Creek under a large oak as his final resting place.Leslie died on February 6, 1885, and was buried at the place specified in his will. An obituary that appeared in the San Antonio Daily News referred to him as “an old Texas veteran” and “celebrated Indian fighter in the early days of Texas history.” Leslie Road in Helotes is named for this stalwart pioneer, who survived almost two years in a fetid Mexican prisons when so many others did not—a testament to his innate tenacity.Cynthia Leal Massey isthe author of two bookson the history of Helotes.Visit“I’ve been able to participate in some great water polo matches against great teams, and I’ve been able to swim in the lane next to some amazing swimmers,” said Wesley. “But I think my greatest accomplishment has been my perseverance through everything. You might not win every game and you might not win every race, but I’m proud that I’m able to put myself back out there and try one-thousand times harder.”8 www.heloteshighlights.comDecember/January 18 -19

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