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Create A New Holiday D Tradition In Pipe Creekmemories. Take your time, pick the perfect tree, and enjoy your time out of the city, in theHillCountry,withyourlovedones!For more information, Care For Your Child Since 2003!Shannon Bartell, RN, CPNPWe Honor Most InsurancesOpen M-Th8am-5pm Fri 8am-1pmwww.helotespediatrics.com11085 Bandera Rd #102, SA, TX 78250 (210) 372-0505Wendy Gideon, MDSarah Liss, MDBy Alissa Reinhardid you know that just 23 miles outside of Loop 1604 and Bandera Road, is a Christmas Tree Farmwhere you can choose and cut your very own Christmas tree? Just a short drive from San Antonio, Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm is the home of living Christmas Trees – beautiful, fresh, fragrant and locally farm grown!Visitors will receive a hand saw and measuring pole before venturing out to the Christmas Tree field. Choose the tree that you can best see in your living room this Christmas morning – Afghan Pine, Leyland Cypress or Arizona Cypress – from four feet to 16 feet, the options are endless! Then, chop your tree down – lumberjack style – and you’re ready to head home and decorate.Staff will shake the loose needles off the tree of your choice, net it and help you load it to your vehicle. Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm is a wonderful place to makeMeet Wesley Halstead: Outstanding O’Connor AthleteSponsored By:WBy Alissa Reinhardhat does it take to be a successful multi-sport high school athlete? Just ask WesleyHalstead, a junior at O’Connor High School. Wesley is a member of the O’Connor Swim and Water Polo Team – two sports that require an incredible amount of discipline and endurance.Wesley practices 1-2 time per day, 5-6 times per week. On the Water Polo Team, he is the starting “point” player meaning he is in charge of most of the ball handling when the team is setting up their offense.“I have to decide on what plays we will make,” Wesley explained. “This also means that on counter attacks I defend the other team’s ‘whole set’ in what we call ‘Whole D.’ This is the position where most of the wrestling happens as players are often fighting for positioning that will allow them to make the best shots.”On the Swim Team, Wesley swims mid/ long distance events including the 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle.“I’ve recently become very fond of the 100 butterfly as well,” he said. At our meets, I’m currently seeded to swim on the 200 medley relay and the 400 freestyle relay; however, that could all change with time.”Wesley fell in love with swimming at a young age. His older sister, Anna, was also a swimmer.“There’s a range of people who’veSheila Hernandez DMD, PC Pediatric N. Loop 1604 W. Ste. 104December/January 18 7inspired me throughout my life, but one ofAthlete - continued on page 8Now Accepting New Patients

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