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Alejandro DeHoyos: World Class StorytellerABy Sonny Melendrezlejandro DeHoyos was 8 years old when he began telling stories with his small disposable camera, creating a comic-book-like sequence with the developed pictures.Little did he know that his early love of visual storytelling would one day take him around the world.By the time he was 9, he had graduated to a tape movie camera and while attending religious services with his family, he noticed a TV camera in the back of the church, asking the pastor if he could learn how to use it.“No. You’re just a kid, but come back when you’re older,” the pastor answered.Finally, 4 years later, his tenacity led to a job running camera, and later, directing and even producing programs that were distributed across the globe via network satellite.All at the ripe old age of 13!In 1999, Alejandro watched as the San Antonio Spurs won their first world championship at the Alamodome.“After services, our whole church would get together and watch the Spurs during their playoff run. When they won the finals, I imagined myself “on-camera,” (a videographer), at a championship game with the confetti raining down on the crowd.”Then, out of the blue, while still in high school, Alejandro received a call from a member of the Spurs broadcast team who remembered his ability from church projects.“I was about to go into my first period class at Sam Houston High School when my cell phone rang. It was Fox Sports, saying that one of the utility people had called in sick and asking if I could fill-in at the game that night. I said, sure. I’m there!”It wasn’t long before he was manning a camera throughout the season (at 17) — thesame camera he would be holding when the Spurs won their 5th championship in 2014, just as he had imagined!He has been a member of the Black & Silver family ever since.But, this Cinderfella story doesn’t stop there.Soon afterward, Catholic Television of San Antonio came calling, sending him on assignment to shoot, write and produce, Follow Me: A pilgrimage to the Holy Land.Meanwhile, two TV specials he produced for the Spurs, earned him as many Emmys.Today, at 32, DeHoyos is extremely excited about his latest project: Passport Preachers, a documentary, chronicling the journey of 3 missionaries – Harlingen pastor, Kevin Ortiz (whose father gave Alejandro his start when he was 13); Houston evangelist, Kelley Leger; and Apostle Francis Musili from Kenya. DeHoyos traveled with the trio, as they spread the gospel to the far corners of the globe, including the poorest areas of Mexico, India and Kenya.“I’ve been blessed to travel the world to “dark places” – places where people don’t normally go. When I visit, I feel more human because I can relate to the people and I am able to capture what their life is like, share that with the world and, hopefully, inspire someone to make change – to help each other.”Listen to my interview with Alejandro online at isan award-winning motivational speaker,Hall of Fame broadcasterand author, based in San Antonio. For more of his enthusiastic brand of inspiration, visit his official site: www.SonnyMelendrez.comI Spy With My Little Eye... ContestBEy Katelyn Harveyach month, we will introduce a character who is hidden somewhere amongst the pagesof Highlights. Look carefully, search each and every page, up and down, left and right, front to back, and then back to front. Don’t give up! If you can find the hidden character, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50! In this month’s Dec./Jan issue, look for the reindeer cartoon character. Just email the page number and location where you spotted the hidden character to Deadline is December 14.We hope you’ll have fun with our version of a mini-scavenger hunt within our pages. Good Luck!Congratulations Delores Johnson NovemberContest Winner!4 www.heloteshighlights.comDecember/January 18 -19

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