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Can Your Yoga Fitness Routine Reduce Stress During the Holidays?BTy Dr. Ann Newstead, PT, DPT, PhDhe holidays are just beginning - act now to stay active and healthy. Many of us look forward to the timeof year where families get together and eat their favorite food. Most of us do not give much thought to our exercise routine shelving it for their New Year resolution.When you practice Mindfulness you will find that it helps in many parts of your life. Decreases Stress: Find one area of life that is a huge stress factor and try to remove the emotions and simply acknowledge how it makes you feel. Anticipate your reaction to the situation, breathe, and tell yourself the desired reaction to the situation.Boosts Productivity: Mindfulness helps calm your mind, slowing the mental chatter enough to find clarity and those priorities in work and life.Improves Resiliency: Mindfulness allows you a moment to get out of the reactive stress-induced state. By simply slowing down and calming the mind. You may not have a solution at first, giving your mind time to think of a way out and bounce back mentally.Enhances Sleep Hygiene: Keep a sleep routine by getting 7 hours nightly. Avoid caffeine and heavy foods afternoon. Take a shower or bath, avoid media at least an hour prior to sleep. Try Journaling to get your thoughts onto paper.Balance: Your time is precious – use it wisely to stay ACTIVE and HEALTHY. Spend 30 minutes a day – take a walk, go to the gym, breathe.How to Practice Mindfulness? Schedule 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted time duringthe day. Find a quiet place. Set a timer. With your eyes open or closed, take a 3 second inhale and a 6 second exhale, repeat 5 times. Allow your thoughts to wonder; continue to breathe controlling your inhalations and exhalations. Check in with your body starting with your feet, legs, back, arms, neck and head – do you have any tense areas? Breath into these areas.Continue throughout the day while waiting in line or in traffic (eyes open of course!).If you want more information, join us for Yoga at AHNewPT. Call 210-833-8336.Happy Holidays and to AHNew YOU!For a Free 30-minute Discovery Consultation Visit, please contact Dr. Ann H. Newstead, PT, DPT, PhDAnn H. Newstead, PT,DPT, PhD14418 Old Bandera RoadHelotes, TX 78023 Ahnewphysicaltherapy.comSanta & Chocolate Day!Sunday, December 9th from 1- 4pm!Activities include: pictures with Santa and Gusdolph the Reindog! Chocolate fondue and treats!Lots of Vendor Gift Booths!Where: La Escondida Celebration Center 9888 Escondida Rd, Helotes 78023Cost: FREE For all agesWe still have some dates left for last minute company or personal Holiday Parties!210-313-4209 • www.laescondidacelebrationcenter.comDo You Understand Your Insurance Coverages?Schedule A Free Consultation No ObligationServing Helotes & San Antonio Over 54 Years!• We save you money • We are the problemsolvers• We help businessesfrom the ground up • We are the onestop shopProducts:• Auto• Homeowners• Business• Bars & Taverns • Boat• Renters• Life Insurance& MoreNew Ideas • Traditional Values since 196413438 Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX 78023 • (210) 695-3511San Antonio Heart Warmers: Blankets for CrittersTSubmitted By Lisa Sprousehis group is for animal lovers to get together a few hours each month and make blankets for rescue dogsand cats. We donate our blankets to San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA). They use our blankets to line kennels and to comfort anxious dogs. They also send blankets with dogs and cats to their foster homes.No skill or talent is required to join. Just bring a couple of yards of fleece and a good pair of scissors. Fleece tie blankets can be made very easily and quickly. We will show you how to do it and every blanket is made with love. We meet at the Great Northwest Library on the second Sunday afternoon of every month from 2-4pm.December/January 18 15

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