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   O’Connor Outstanding Athlete:
NBy Alissa Reinhard Nathaniel Blake athaniel Blake, a senior at
O’Connor High School, has been
playing soccer for over 12 years.
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                                           Nathaniel’s love for the sport began at a very young age.
“My family loves to play and we always watched games on the weekends,” Nathaniel said. “As soon as I could walk, there was a ball at my feet.”
Soccer unites people despite their different beliefs, religions and cultures. The sense of togetherness is what Nathaniel loves most about the game.
“Soccer brings people together,” Nathaniel explained. “Fans from around the world, maybe even war torn countries, can find peace within this game. The ability of soccer to bring people together regardless of language barriers and even cultural differences is what I love the most about the sport.”
Nathaniel also enjoys the opportunity for freedom of expression that soccer gives to him.
“Aside from the rarity of set pieces, soccer is a free-flowing game allowing for improvisation and requiring relentless effort to adapt to circumstances,” Nathaniel stated. “I think the challenge to adapt sets it apart and makes it more interesting than other sports.”
Nathaniel is inspired by Lionel Messi, an Argentine professional footballer.
“The way he is in total control of the game is awe inspiring and that is who I try and model my game after,”Nathaniel stated.
One of the three-year letterman’s proudest athletic accomplishments is the role he played on the team that ended O’Connor’s five-year playoff drought. His maturity and charisma led his coach to name him as a team captain in only his sophomore year, an honor traditionally bestowed upon seniors.
“It came as a surprise to me,” said Nathaniel. “I had to grow up quick and
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  become a leader on the team.”
Between club and high school soccer,
Nathaniel practices every school day and an extra two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A jazz lover, Nathaniel also plays the piano. In spite of his busy schedule, he is currently ranked 24th in his class of over 500 students. Nathaniel is a leader, incredibly hard worker and dedicated student and athlete. He encourages his fellow student athletes to never give up.
“If you don’t get the results you want, don’t give up... work harder.”
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