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The Mariachi Kid
other people or hold any bias. Mateo is a Mariachi singer, and all he wants to do is sing and make people happy. At just 5 years old, Mateo has already accomplished what many others only dream of doing. He is a rising star.
Sometimes, the best way to remember what’s truly important in life is to speak to a child. And if you really listen, you’ll come
 IBy Vicky Leal
t’s the time of year when our focus shifts to family gatherings and feelings of gratitude. Most of us stay so busy with our work schedules and to-do lists, that it’s easy to lose sight of the simple and joyful things. With mounting news of increasing negativity and division among people, the pressure weighs heavy these days.
Mateo Lopez, doesn’t worry about the troubles of the world. He doesn’t judge
away much wiser and happier indeed. Just ask Mateo. He’s got a song in his heart to share, and the smiles we wear are his music.
Pictured Right Mateo Lopez. Photo by Gina Barbera
   Little Mariachi Sings Happiness Into the World
 MBy Vicky Leal
ateo Lopez isn’t your typical 5-year-old. His cuteness level is somewhere between most
adorable child ever and...Oh em gee, JUST LOOK AT HIM! *squeal, giggle, clap*
His precious smile and intoxicating sweetness are unquestionably endearing, but there’s something else about little Mateo that melts people’s hearts. He has a passion for Mariachi music. And most important to him, for making people happy.
When he was 3 years old, he surprised his family by singing the National Anthem, a song that even the most seasoned of professional singers find to be a challenge. But musical talent runs deep in the family genes and culture. Mateo’s older sister, Ariella, is a gifted violinist with her own passion for Mariachi music, which she proudly carries on from their paternal grandfather. Now, Mateo is following in their footsteps and his natural singing talent is capturing everyone’s attention.
Mateo was recorded singing his heart out at a local San Antonio restaurant, and the video went viral. Since then, he’s been in high demand. He is very proud to be a part of an adult group, “Mariachi Azteca de America”, directed by Gino Rivera of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Mateo and his sister, Ariella, study music at the institution, and Mr. Rivera has helped both of them flourish under his instruction.
Mateo has performed at the San Antonio Rodeo, and numerous events held at Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, as well as, a special Valentines event held at the University of Our Lady of the Lake. This year, he was asked to perform at the Día De Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration at the Pearl. One of Mateo’s most exciting achievements was his appearance as a contestant on Mexico Tiene Talento (Mexico’s Got Talent). His parents, Albert and Janelle, are still adjusting to the spotlight. And they are Mateo’s biggest fans.
Albert says that from the first time Mateo got on stage and received a standing ovation from the crowd, he fell in love with making people happy. After his first performance, Mateo excitedly announced to his parents, “Look guys, everyone is so happy!” It was at that moment that Albert realized his son sincerely enjoyed seeing smiles on people’s
Mateo and his family.
than any other parent supporting their kids in what they love to do.”
Mateo’s mother, Janelle, echoes her husband’s sense of awe and pride at their son’s unique musical flair and his ability to connect with people through it. “He sings from the heart, and he sings with such passion,” said Janelle. “And he truly loves it. He likes to make people happy. And that’s what he tells us all the time.”
Luis Fonsi, the Grammy Award winning singer and song writer of the incredibly popular song “Despacito”, once said, “Just when you think we’re living in a little bit of a divided world, music brings us together.”
The same holds true for Mateo. For when he sings, the world smiles along together with his song.
Mateo’s performances can be found on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to like and follow his pages to stay up to date on upcoming shows and events. He can be found on Facebook at Mateo Lopez.
“Performing on Mexico Tiene Talento has
really opened a few doors, that at this time, we are unable to talk much about. Mateo being a US native performing Mariachi music in Mexico City is way too much for us to grasp,” said Albert.
“My wife and I are ecstatic about Mateo’s
love and passion for mariachi music. Mariachi music is more a culture than it is music. There are no words to describe the feeling we have as parents. It is truly unbelievable for our, now 5-year-old, being on such a huge global stage. As long as Mateo keeps wanting to sing, we are here as parents to support him. We are no different
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